Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Talon Dinosaurs Stories by Charlie and Tarlia, 3AP

Talon Saves A Baby

Talon stayed with the pack. She saw a baby being snatched by a utahraptor.
Talon ran to the utahraptor and screamed at him. Angry and fierce, Talon frightened the utahraptor. He dropped the terrified baby and sprinted away.
The pack were happy so they let Talon stay with them.

By Charlie

Talon the Dinosaur

Talon saw one of the babies running off from the pack and heard it crying out loud. Quickly, Talon shouted for the others. The pack ran as fast as they could.

Angry and brave, Talon shouted at the utahraptor. Scared and nervous, he ran away because he thought he would be eaten.

By Tarlia