Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Scary Story Starter by Ellie, 3SB

On a dark, gloomy night, I couldn't get to sleep so I got out of the house, put my bright, yellow coat on and I walked out to the lake.  The lake was foggy and I couldn't see a thing.  Suddenly, from out of the distance, was a big staircase and a strange man.  The man looked freaky.  He was coming towards me.  I could hear lightning in the sky.  An electric shock tingled down my spine. My heart was going wild. As the staircase came closer and closer, the more worried I got about what was going to happen.  I ran towards the bushes to hide but it was no use, the man followed everywhere I went. 

Recipe For A Good Friend by 3AP

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Poshest Heroes by Libby, 6MS

Upstairs, in the bedroom of Chestnut Mansion, sat two sisters and their dog Biscuit. Biscuit was chewing on the rug whilst the girls (Hope and Katie) were building a den. The doorbell rang. Katie heard footsteps from downstairs and felt the rumble of the elevator beneath her feet. Their den slowly started to crumble to the ground into a heap of blankets.
“Oh no, not again!” Hope whined, picking up a pink pillow.
Katie giggled as she watched Hope fail to rebuild the den. DING! The elevator doors edged open.
“Katie!” a girl yelled as she stepped out of the elevator.
Katie recognised that voice anywhere. It was her best friend Kelsie.

Once Kelsie had eventually gone home, Biscuit started to whimper continuously. The little pug scurried over to the peg with the long, spotty lead dangling off the end of it. He stood up on his hind legs and started to create a few faint scratch marks. Katie scrambled to her feet and made her way over to Biscuit. Quickly, she snatched the lead off the peg, forcing it to tumble to the ground. She didn’t even notice that she’d pulled the peg down so she just wandered away. They started to make their way down the five flights of stairs.
“UGH, it would have been so much easier to take the elevator, Katie.” Hope moaned.
Katie just rolled her eyes and walked away.

They arrived at Chestnut Gardens at 3:30pm for Biscuit’s group dog training session. This place was for the wealthiest of the wealthiest who live on Chestnut Street. Luckily, their mum and dad were extremely successful actors and actresses. Even better they got special VIP access to the best (and poshest) parts of the gardens. Once they even met David Cameron!

In the middle of the session a woman approached them. She had long, black hair scrunched up in a messy bun. She was also wearing the most peculiar outfit. It was a piece of artwork gone wrong, green, yellow, and pink all splattered into one ridiculous all-in-one.
“I need to see you two.” she ordered, in a soft tone.
Although it was a (kind of) soft and sweet tone, they were scared that something would happen to them if they didn’t go, they instantly followed her.

Soon after, they arrived outside of a tall, blue building with tiny blacked out windows dotted around. On the front door there was a sign that read: ‘keep out, or else.’
“Or else what?” Katie asked, feeling a slight shiver down her spine.
The lady just ignored Katie’s question and pushed open the door. As they entered the building, a memory flashed into Hope’s mind. It was of when they first moved into their old house, it looked identical to the inside of this place. She blinked and shook her head. She ignored and jogged over to the others.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake and the ceiling started to crumble.
“EARTHQUAKE!” Kate yelled, hugging Biscuit tighter than ever before.
The chandelier swung and the lights flickered. It fell to the floor with a loud SMASH which echoed around the room. Hope was screaming and crying, she thought she was going to die.
“Quick, use these!” the anxious woman yelled in desperation.
She handed them a mirror, taser and ruler.
“Why do I need a ruler?” Hope asked.
At this point there was deadly roar of thunder. As Katie was trying to get out of the door, she slipped and fell onto her back. Hope put out her hand to help Katie up. CRASH! BOOM! BANG! Down came a clump of the ceiling.
“You must go, NOW!” the lady yelled, a tear trickling down her face.
The two sisters burst out of the double doors, equipment at the ready.

A lightning bolt pierced through one of the blacked out windows, causing it to set alight. Heaps of people were evacuating the building. Another lightning bolt struck and caught Katie’s hand.
“OUCH!” Katie yelped, sparks flying out of her hand.
She fell to the ground.
“Katie?” Hope asked, her eyes watering.

Katie closed her eyes. Was she dead? Would Hope ever see her sister’s loving eyes again? Was this the end of their sisterhood…?