Thursday, 30 April 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole by Year 1

For our theme 'Down the Rabbit Hole' Year 1 have been looking at writing character descriptions:
1) What does the character look like?2) What is the character doing?3) What does the character say?

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Through the Mysterious, Magical Mirror by Sammy, 2FH

Year 2 have read Anthony Browne's book, Through the Magic Mirror and have created their own fantasy stories inspired by that tale. Read and comment on Sammy's below.

One winter's morning in March, a little girl called Lilly was getting up.  It was a day that she didn't like.  It was raining.  Slowly, Lilly walked down stairs.  Quickly, Lilly ate her breakfast.  Then she went upstairs again.  Lilly is a pretty girl with emerald eyes.  She wears a flowery dress.  Lilly was so excited about getting a new mirror.  Suddenly, her mum called, "The new mirror is being fitted."  Lilly came down the steps.  

When she looked in the mirror, it looked strange because she did not see herself in the mirror.  She saw a leopard.  She went to touch it and then it sucked her in.  Slowly, she found herself in a land.  She realised she was in the Olympic stadium but not a normal one; an animal one.  

Lilly jumped onto the bar, swung slowly and dropped, not into a pit but into a swimming pool.  A cool, big swimming pool with warm, cool water.  Crystals were swimming in the pool.  There were dolphins swimming.  They were as sapphire as a lake.  Suddenly a thundering lightning bolt came into a volcano.  It cracked and then went away (for now).  Then another one came...and another.  Then a mighty thunder bolt came down.  It shook.  Then an explosion came down from the volcano with red, runny lava and black, thick smoke.  

A shake came and at once, Lilly knew what it was.  It was a deadly earthquake.  Suddenly a cliff crashed down and chalk scattered.  Rocks full of boiling lava cracked as they landed in the pool.  Suddenly a crack in the swimming pool floor came and all the creatures swam frantically around.  Quietly, Lilly swam away from the lava. It was spreading fast. 

Dangerously, the leopard jumped in and put Lilly on her back.  She brought Lilly back to the mirror. She got a hoist but before she could Lilly pushed but it didn't work so the leopard hoisted Lilly in and waved her paw and miaowed, "Good-bye."  Then she felt herself at home.  She was happy and worried, worried because she had burnt herself and happy because she was home. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

The 3 Little Pigs by Sun Class

To click through this wonderful re-telling of the classic story, click on the first image to enlarge and then use the arrows to scroll through.  Remember to leave these new writers some comments about their work below.

Great Fire of London by Wales Class

Year 1 wrote some historical recounts of the Great Fire of London!
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The Harbour by Bea, 3SB

One day I was walking on the beach when I came across a harbour.  It was gloomy with a green sea and old, ragged fishing boats.  The sand was yellow with patches of green algae.  It was so windy that the palm trees swayed frantically back and forward.  They were so violent, they nearly knocked me over.  Behind the big, bushy palms you could just about see lots of little huts.  The sea was so green, it looked more like goo than sea.  The boats were swinging back and forward, like they were big dogs trying to escape their leads.  The boats were all full of fishing nets with holes in them. Nearly everything was old.