Thursday, 11 June 2015

The River Is Poems by 4JP

Megan and Phoebe have typed up their The River Is.. poems for you to enjoy.


The river is a spy,
It sneak’s around at night,
Like the waves  it jumps up high,
Then in the morning the water sees light.

The river is a Ninja,
It defeats you fast,
Something or anything,
If you get caught zoom past!

The river is a car,
Racing by it’s top speed,
It meanders in and out of corners,
It weaves with seaweed.


The river is a snake
Slivering and wigling,
Moving and fast,
Big and noisey

The river is a shark
Fast and swishy,
Blue and evil,
Thin and sharp teeth

The river is a ninja
Deadly and it always wins
Black and quiet
It moves fast and sneaky

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Highwayman by Theo, 6JT

It was an unusually warm spring evening when a cart ,containing the love of his life, came rolling towards him. The robber was trotting towards the market in order to sell his recently obtained broach when Bess caught his eye .She was being burgled by a man nobody seemed to know. The highwayman yanked on the reins and galloped towards the mysterious man

By the time he got to the carriage the other robber had a bag full of riches but he soon dropped them when the Highwayman unslethed his rapier
“who are you?” asked Bess “ Another robber?”
“No” replied the Highwayman “Im William”
“Erm...i have lost my way” Bess continued “Could you show me back to the Golden Pint”
“Why of course”purred the Highwayman

The next hour was spent strolling towards the pub,when they got there The Highwayman dropped the question,
“Can i see you again”
“Tomorrow” answered Bess

The next 5 weeks were spent going to different pubs until Bess finally Bess asked
“What do you do for a living”
The HIghwayman didn't know what to say
“I work with money” he said causally
“specifically?” she said
“ I'm a Highwayman…” he murmured
WHAT” The noise made the whole inn stop talking
“You lied to me” she said as she stopped out

It had been 2 days since the highwayman had seen Bess and it had the two worst two days of his life of the highwayman's life. Filled with despair, he would wander aimlessly through the town

One day he wandered into the stable where he saw a man with mouldy hay-like hair and eyes they were hollows of madness. He was shoveling manure into a pot.

“What am i going to do?” squealed the Highwayman it appeared that Tim wasn't listening, but he hung on every word.
“I have got to find her”
As the highwayman raced out Tim started after him ; his trance was broken by a “Splat”

The Highwayman came riding round the bend and collided with Bess
What a coincidence.

The Highwayman got down on his knees and begged
“Please take me back my beloved”he wailed
A deathly silence...  
“Meet me tomorrow” she replied

It was an unusually warm spring evening as a horse, carrying the love of Bess’s life came towards her.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Wizard in my Potting Shed by Ella, 5JB

“In some water you will seek, what I mean when I speak,” muttered the crazy man, adding no expression at all. The wizard captured a thought, dropped his quill and darted straight through a chart of the periodic table. A slight draft searched out every gap in my hair. I could hear a thud getting louder and closer, louder and closer, until it stopped. A warmer and stronger draft brushed my face. It happened again, this time it was heavier and royal blue flames shot out of what looked like colossal nostrils. Or were they?

Howard Carter Opening the Tomb by Jude, 4TC

As I slowly walked closer to my destination the big stone doors.As I did this my hands tingled with excitement and I felt the uneven rock-hard steps.

The more steps I took, the more curious I became, my whole body tingled anticipation, now I just felt absolutely outstanding! I drew closer and closer and closer my breath breathing heavier and heavier and heavier until I reached what I had been waiting for.

I put my hand against the carved hieroglyphics.hieroglyphics. Tentatively,I unraveled the rope that I expected would be my dream.

A soft stale air went up my nostrils, this was millions of years old! As well as the scent of stale air there was also odour of honey lovely lavender oil which had been on King Tut.

I heard the rats scuttle across the floor,the scuttled as quickly as a spider making a web.There in front of me was a golden sparkly chariot,which had once been his amazing way of traveling.Heaps of treasure was awaiting as if it was calling my name.Then there was the scarab beetle with the different stones and all of this had been made into one piece of jewellery! I carried on scanning this wonderful room of glittering gold.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Historical Speech by Harvey, 7DN

Harold Godwinson

I stand before you all, respected members of the Witan and honoured noblemen, as one of Harold Godwinson's many loyal knights to mourn the death of the great King Edward and to discuss the future of England and how Sir Harold could make it better. Being born and bred in England, I think we must all agree that he is the a better contender than all the rest. Do you want a foreign king to rule your country? Not one of the other challengers for the throne are English apart from Edwin, however he is far too young to rule our country.

The situation is that England needs a king, Edward sadly died three weeks ago bringing shock to you and I. Harold was promised the throne in King Edward’s dying wish, even I was there to witness it. A king’s dying wish replaces all other promises. Furthermore, they are both brothers in law and have always been great friends, almost like proper brothers. Harold is ready to serve our country, to serve our people, to serve our needs.

Harold's father, Godwin of Wessex, was the most powerful nobleman in England, meaning Harold comes from a very wealthy family. Because of this, he is now Duke of Wessex and has control of a huge army. A huge army that will be a the disposal of the English people.

The other “competitors” have many problems with their so called claims. William was sent to swear an oath of support to King Edward. Harald Hardrada's claim is very weak and uses violence to make his point. Do you want a king who kills innocent people? Edgar is just far too young and powerless to take the throne.

If you vote for Harold to rule this country, He will bring change to this country, He will bring better lives to everyone, He will bring a better future for you and your country. In everything he achieves, in every decision he makes, he will make sure it benefits you. We all know that England can be better and I assure you that Harold will make that happen!